Friday, April 3, 2009

Illegal Immigration

Let me begin with one little thing first: a definition. Illegal: not according to or authorized by law : Unlawful Illicit not sanctioned by official rules. That was just to let you know where I am going with this. I was just reading an article a few minutes ago from Washington DC. In this article a man was testifying before congress about illegal immigration. The reason this man was testifying is because his daughter and her friend were killed in a car accident as they were sitting at a red light by a drunken driver. The thing about this particular drunk driver is that one he is an illegal immigrant in this country. Two he had been arrested twice before. Three he had not only been arrested twice before but was arrested for exactly the same reason. Drinking and driving along with vehicular homicide. The country had the opportunity to deport this individual but they failed to do so. Now he is sitting in our prisons living off of our taxpayer money and still in this country. The man who was testifying is not asking for anything out of the ordinary. All he is asking for is that his elected officials enforce the laws of this land. You know the same laws that they helped write. I am beginning to think that if you are in this country illegally than it seems you have more rights than I do. I do not have problems with immigrants in this country but it seems to me we are backwards now. Originally when you came to this country you were required to learn English, but today it seems as though I am required to learn different languages just so I can go to 7-11, McDonalds, the grocery store. I am of a like mind to remove our officials that want to curtail to these illegals. If they(immigrants) want to be here that is fine by me but do it legally, that is all I am asking for. Stop with the ACLU fighting for these illegal peoples, stop with the lawmakers fighting for these illegal peoples, and stop with the state and local governments fighting for these illegal peoples. If all of these organizations cannot understand what the legal citizens of this great country of ours is saying then they need to be removed.

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  1. agreed.
    On a whole 'nother note (this thought came to mind when I read the 7-11 part), outsourcing our companies, such as Verizon, to call centers in Somolia or India- where you call to ask a simple question, and they don't get what you are asking! Plus these 'people' have control of OUR accounts!!