Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Al Gore---Is he in with the environment or big business?

Now I was just reading an article from CNSNews.com. I just love how Al Gore thinks every American is just stupid. As everyone knows Al Gore is a mega environmentalist. Which to me is ok if you are not a hypocrite. His idea of being an environmentalist is flying around the country in a private jet. I did say private jet. He rationalizes this buy buying "eco-credits" as if this actually helps the environment at all.

Sorry about that, I started rambling a bit about a self rightous louse. The actual reason I am blogging about him is because of the latest bit of crap coming out of his mouth. As you all know I am not a fan of cap-and-trade legislation. My biggest problem with it is it seems to be nothing more than a tax on energy companies. Who do you think will pay that? The emergy companies....HAHA....I don't think so. My second problem with it is actually what Al Gore says about it. His idea about cap-and-trade is that eventually it will be cheaper on the American public as we will decide to go to alternative energies. Ok...lets analyze this a little. First of all alternative energies are initially expensive. Not just labor but material. Next we get into the fact that as long as the energy companies can make a profit they will never change to any other source of power. These idiot consevationalist must think everyone has a job right now making $250,000 a year. I don't know about you but one I am not working right now and two I don't make no where near that amount.

Don't get me wrong people I love the environment. I enjoy being outside, camping, hiking and all kind of other things. However I am a realist and I realize that when things are not economically viable it makes other things impractical to do. So if you feel the way I do about the way things are going on Capital Hill then you need to call your representative and tell them to vote aginst any cap-and-trade legislation.

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