Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How is Paying Money To teach Prostitutes in China to Drink Benefitting the U.S.

I was just reading an article on CNSNews.com. And I cannot believe what I am reading. The U.S. will pay $2.6 million to teach Chinese prostitutes how to drink in a bar. What is wrong with this picture? Here is a link to the full article. Read first then come back to me. http://www.cnsnews.com/public/content/article.aspx?RsrcID=47976

I am a Chinese/American. But I am 100% American and have no desire to send any money to China. Let the Chinese government take care of their own prostitutes. Don't we have enough prostitutes here in this country. I am not concerned that they cannot handle their alcohol and then after spreading their legs for someone.

First of all the practice of prostitution is condemned by the majority in this country. Second it is illegal in most states in this country. So why are we taking up this cause in another country? I could be wrong but I do believe this is a practice not looked on kindly in China. Lets keep in mind that when it comes to tolerance of most things, China is lacking in that department. Prime example is the Tienanmen Square massacre. For reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiananmen_Square_protests_of_1989. I am sure most remember how that turned out for the protesters. I guess that shows the tolerance level China has for its own people.

So lets send in those letters people to your representatives showing your disapproval to such a flagrant waste of our taxpayer money.

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