Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stimulus Not All It's Cracked up To Be!

Well it has finally come out that the stimulus package designed for the states is not doing much good. At least for Rhode Island it's not. Based on an article from the Providence Journal.

Rhode Island has the sixth highest jobless rate per capita in the country with 10.5%. Now it's not quite as bad as what I am writing, some of the stimulus has been used for social issues. Though a good percentage has went to infrastructure. But I would have to say that those same infrastructure jobs are only benefitting the same companies that always do them and the union halls. Personally I have never seen an infrastructure job done by anyone but unions. Probably because the unions force everyone else out.

Now there really could be numerous other reasons out there that they are not having any knid of economic rebound with the stimulus. But personally I doubt it.

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